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This mostly has to do with the glass in the lens and the size of the image sensor in the camera.DSLRs have much better lenses than even the best action camera or phone and definitely have larger sensors to capture and process the image.One advantage that mobile phones have over DSLRs and action cameras is a wide variety of software that anyone can download and use.Hyperlapse can fix shaky shots and create really smooth effects.The biggest drawback with most action cameras I have used is that they need a lot of light to get those awesome images you see playing on the demo reels in the big box stores.

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Digital filters can be applied on the fly for some interesting shots.

And editing software on your mobile device can make shooting and editing something you can do anywhere.

So, if you are in the enviable position of having access to all of these camera types, a DSLR, Go Pro, and smartphone, how do you choose when to use which device?

The first rule of thumb is to consider your end product.

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