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For 50 cents, viewers could call one of two numbers, and AT&T recorded the number of calls to each to determine who the audience felt was the winner.Information services, where people could call a 900 number and hear a recorded or live message, were also coming into their own in the early- and mid-1980s.The average call length was three and a half minutes.That brought the total to about per call, split among the carriers, the service bureau (like ATS), and the owner of the number.Bentz or one of his colleagues would go to all the big pay-per-view events, like Wrestle Mania, and interview the stars.

You could call a number to play interactive Wheel of Fortune, to get farm commodity prices or surfing conditions, to get advice from a lawyer or an estimate on your used car, The 900 industry offered much of what the Internet later would.There was no Internet to speak of, so if you were a Florida Gators alum living in Salt Lake City, and you wanted to hear interviews with coaches and the latest recruiting news, you could call the Eventually ATS was running hotlines for 65 Division I college football teams, 20 NFL teams, and a handful of MLB and NBA teams.The numbers were run by local sports reporters who supplemented their income by contributing to the lines. People looking for a date would call a 900 number, listen to a voice recording of someone whose description they read in the newspaper, and then leave them a message.An entirely new information economy opened up overnight, and the first 900 number entrepreneurs struck gold..In 1987, Bentz was working in TV advertising at a CBS affiliate in Hartford, Connecticut.

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“It didn’t take long for them to realize that they were making more from the supplement,” says Bentz. If the receiving person liked what they heard, they might send a message back. Personals were a huge moneymaker for newspapers then, so ATS teamed with them to combine the hotlines with the print ads, forming partnerships with more than 200 newspapers.

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