Aluminum boat updating

It is overall very high quality and light construction, having a very modern, almost high tech or industrial look with reasonable volume and tone.

In 1894, Neil Merrill founded the Aluminum Musical Instrument Co.

Your custom design can even include illuminated panels for dynamic messaging.

Within a decade the means to electrically extract the pure metal generated large interest and widespread availability.

By 1898 records indicate that Merrill was broke and his company disbanded.

In 1928, The Aluminum Company of America manufactured 50 aluminum double basses at their Buffalo, NY plant for Carl Fischer, who owned a musical supply house in New York.

I contacted most of the big name vintage guitar dealers around the country and none of them had ever heard of Merrill; a couple gave me quite a lot of attitude about them never existing.

A few months later, a private collector sent me the photos on the left of Merrill’s aluminum guitar and banjo, both in good working order.

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