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Every year, each state holds a preliminary competition to choose their delegate for the Miss USA pageant.In some states (such as Texas and Florida), local pageants are also held to determine delegates for the state competition.The state winners hold the title "Miss State USA" for the year of their reign.The most successful state is Texas, which has had the most semi-finalists and winners, including five consecutive Miss USA titleholders during the 1980s.The pageant aired on CBS from 1963 until 2002, and for many years was known for having a CBS game show host as pageant host.

Shanna Moakler (1995), (Miss Rhode Island Teen USA 1992), Ali Landry (1996), (Miss Louisiana Teen USA 1990), Kimberly Pressler (1999) (Miss New York Teen USA 1994), Lynnette Cole (2000) (Miss Tennessee Teen USA 1995), Susie Castillo (2003) (Miss Massachusetts Teen USA 1998), Chelsea Cooley (2005) (Miss North Carolina Teen USA 2000), Tara Conner (2006) (Miss Kentucky Teen USA 2002), Rachel Smith (2007) (Miss Tennessee Teen USA 2002), Alyssa Campanella (2011) (Miss New Jersey Teen USA 2007).

The only state which has produced more than one Miss Universe is South Carolina.

The Miss Universe Organization licenses out the state pageants to pageant directors, who in some cases are responsible for more than one state.

Other successful states include California, New York, Alabama, Tennessee, and Georgia.

The least successful states are Delaware, placing only once in 2015; Montana, which has not placed since the 1950s; South Dakota, which has only placed three times (the last time in 2016), and Wyoming, which gained only its second placement in 2010.

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The oldest woman to be crowned Miss USA is Miss USA 2012, Nana Meriwether of Maryland, at 27 years old and 7 months.

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