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At certain critical water levels it is possible for connections with surrounding water bodies to become established.It is through the most active of these connective routes, the Turkish Straits, that the Black Sea joins the world ocean.È sufficiente guardare all’estero per vedere quanto potenziale c’è ancora per la Mdd.Che deve intercettare i trend di mercato emergenti (da Gdoweek n.When this hydrological link is not present, the Black Sea is an endorheic basin, operating independently of the global ocean system, like the Caspian Sea for example.

The Black Sea is also connected to the Sea of Azov by the Strait of Kerch. Due to these variations in the water level in the basin, the surrounding shelf and associated aprons have sometimes been land.The principal Greek name "Póntos Áxeinos" itself is generally accepted to be a rendering of Iranian *axšaina- (“dark colored”), cf.Avestan axšaēna- (“dark colored”), Old Persian axšaina- (color of turquoise), Middle Persian axšēn/xašēn ("blue"), and New Persian xašīn ("blue"), as well as Ossetic œxsīn (“dark gray").The southern edge around Turkey and the eastern edge around Georgia, however, are typified by a narrow shelf that rarely exceeds 20 km (12 mi) in width and a steep apron that is typically gradient with numerous submarine canyons and channel extensions.The Euxine abyssal plain in the centre of the Black Sea reaches a maximum depth of 2,212 metres (7,257.22 feet) just south of Yalta on the Crimean Peninsula.

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