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ENROLLMENT FORM , click to download Q: How to submit the Enrollment application form?A: After fulfilling the requirements, the candidates can file the duly filled applications along with certificates in between 10 AM to 4.30 P. Q: What is the procedure for filing the enrollment application by the Retired / Non Regular Candidates? C, Retirement and Relieving Orders from the Employer, Permission letter for studying Law Course issued by the Employer and Proof of working place during the study period of Law.Registration of Property / Wills / other documents LOCATION OF THE SUB REGISTRAR’S OFFICEThe Sub Registrar’s Office is situated in the 30 Bays Building Ground Floor, Room No.1 & 2 near Estate Office, (Old Building) adjoining Central State Library, Sector 17, UT, Chandigarh.The payment regarding Stamp Duty/ Deficiency of Stamp Duty is to be deposited in the State Bank of India (Treasury Branch) Sector –17, Near K. 7293-FDII (6)-82/19590, dated the 24th December 1982, the following is the registration fees leviable on the registration of documents: At the rates given in clause (b) above, on the amount of rent of which stamp duty has been assessed under Article 35 of Schedule 1-A to the Indian Stamp Act, 1899 and it the lease be exempt from stamp duty four rupees.This notification shall come into force on and with effect from 4th May 2006.

But the candidates would be required to submit the form duly filled along with all original Certificates i.e.It enables the child to prove the date of birth, join the school, enter in to a valid employment contract, prevent child exploitation, to apply passport, to apply ration card entry etc.The birth has to be registered with the Kochi Municipal Corporation within 21 days of its occurrence, by filling up the form prescribed by the Registrar.After satisfying the proper stamp duty and documentation & after ascertain the contents of the documents from the executor the same is ordered to be registered after verifying the identification of the executants from the two witnesses both the witnesses must be known to each other and the first witness required to be known to the Sub Registrar i.e.Lambardar, Sarpanch, Member Panchayat (for rural area), councilor, Gazetted officer, Advocates.

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PROCEDURE FOR CERTIFIED COPIESRegistering officers to allow inspection of certain books and indexes, and to give certified copies of entries who will apply on a application mentioned full particulars of the documents i.e.

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