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Callen was not aware he had a sister until Hannah Lawson told him so.Over time, as he moved through the foster system, he eventually forgot about her, as they had not seen or heard anything about eachother in years.

The Chameleon then gives up Callen's partner, Sam Hanna.She presented them with a false death certificate, but the head of the Comescu family did not believe her, and Hetty was wounded in the process of being rescued by Callen, Sam, Deeks, and Kensi.In the 100th episode of NCIS: Los Angeles, titled "Reznikov, N," a man pretending to be his father (Michael Reinhardt) was kidnapped, where a message was left at the scene: "Callen we have your father." Throughout the episode, many pictures of Callen from when he was younger were shown.Some time after this, Callen was assigned to the Office of Special Projects in L. No one in the many foster care homes he had grown up in knew what it meant, and so he had lived his whole life without a first name.Hetty had been protecting Callen from the Comescus his whole life because they were looking for him and wanted to kill him as part of the continuation of their families' blood feud.

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In Episode: Pushback, it was revealed that a former CIA operative Ethan Stanhope arranged the assassination attempt.

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