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During the next working days till the date set by the Bank, the Bank checks up the account balance until the required amount of money is on the account. Payments are performed in the revolving credit currency.

If it doesn't happen, the Bank doesn't make the payment. Payer account and currency should be specified in the order.

Amount of monthly payment is a minimal sum calculated by the Bank, that is necessary to repay the used credit.

Payments to any account with "Citadele banka" can be performed with currency exchange, though one of the currencies - account or payment - should be EUR.

If errors are found, the error messages will be displayed under the incorrect fields.

If errors are not found, a new page will be opened.

The order can be printed in the "Standing Orders" section of the "Payments" menu and in the "Orders history" section of the "Documents history" menu.

PAGE FIELD DESCRIPTION Document number (Mandatory field) If the document number is not entered, the Online Banking will generate it automatically, if the number generation format is specified in the "Configuration" section of the "Parameters" menu.

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