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As a result, Jekyll gets out of your way and allows you to concentrate on what truly matters: your content.Most Jekyll sites are organized around two types of content, posts and pages.Previously, Ben served as Git Hub’s Government Evangelist, leading the efforts to encourage government at all levels to adopt open source philosophies for code, for data, and for policy development.Waste Management is still exempt from the provision in its contract with the City of Omaha that required it to collect trash and yard waste separately.Pages wouldn’t make sense here, because you’d want to be able to list cupcakes and cookies separately, and besides for both being baked goods, the one cookie doesn’t really share a relationship with a cupcake, at least not in the same sense that cookies share with one another.Of course you could at this stage, choose to have a more generic collection files, they can support arbitrary key/values through frontmatter, but they also support a full content body (like posts and pages), and can be broken out into separate files.Think of it like a content management system (CMS), without all the complexity and headache.

That fact, along with an earthquake of emerging evidence that cognitive impairment shows itself only after decades of decay in the processes that power our brain cells, has given Isaacson, a neurologist at Weill Cornell Medicine and New York-Presbyterian, enough of an edge to open the country’s first Alzheimer’s–prevention clinic.If you’re familiar with traditional CMS’s, you can think of collections like Word Press custom post types or Drupal custom content types, except you do not need to program a specific class, learn any back-end languages, and the syntax used to specify them is very easily readable. Let’s say you’re making a website for a bakery and want to list the different cupcakes varieties you sell. Each cupcake in the cupcakes collection is related to one-another in the sense that they’re all cupcakes.Collections are a very new feature to Jekyll, and according to the official documentation may be subject to change Jekyll Documentation on Collections; but you should not let that put you off of using them, because Jekyll is open-source, which means you should trust the community to work-together for the best common-case solution. You’ll notice the collections concept start to show its value here.That type of information is better represented as individual markdown files with front matter, not one giant YAML file that will quickly become unwieldy with complexity; and rather than create the data, and pages to display the data, or the data and a plugin to turn it into pages; using collections allows the site owner to focus on the content.For a more concrete example, take a look at the source for a site which helps explain open source licenses like the MIT or GPL license.

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But Stothert’s office said this week that the city has continued to allow Waste Management to collect yard waste with trash in the eastern half of the city as the company grapples with a shortage of commercially licensed drivers.

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