Dating places in dhaka

This is only restrict place in Dhaka where general people can not visit.

Ahsan Manzil Museum: The Museum is located on the bank of river Buriganga in old Dhaka.

Dhaka was established in the 4th century by Buddhists, later conquered by Hindus and then by Muslim Mughal rulers in the 13th century.

Most of the beautiful places of Dhaka built by Mughal emperor during their regime.

Tourist can see life of wild and domestic animals from very near. Shahid Minar: Language Martyrs monument place is near Dhaka Medical College.

Armenian Church is one of the large community for Armenian place & Greek build in the 18th century.

Once not only attracted by Moghul establishment but British, Dutch, Portuguese, and French all came here for trading in the 17th century and establishing their own enclaves places along the waterfront, but finally British triumphed and occupied as their own in 1765.

Ahsan Monzil Museum Lalbagh Fort National Museum Chotta Katra is the great caravanserai Place of Dhaka.

The most interesting Muslim places for worship is Istara Mosque situated in the old Town.

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