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A local food critic, hearing good things, paid us a visit. THE BEST HIDDEN JEWEL IN THE STATE was the caption, followed by an outstanding review.

"Sam's Bar and Grill, located on Swan Pond Road just outside of the city limits, has been around for seventy five years.

The regulars were a little leery at first, but soon you could hear discussions and sometimes arguments over which farm provided the best produce, and which fresh herbs and spices complimented which dishes best.

It features simple fare, well seasoned and prepared, at a reasonable price.Blue collar, white collar, bikers, farmers, college kids, you'll find them all rubbing elbows in an amiable mix.The only time I heard raised voices was when two patrons disagreed over which herb should be dominant in the pork stew, rosemary or basil."I literally thank God every day for the life I have now. My boss called me into his office two months later, tossing a resume at me. She gave you as a reference, even said you trained her. I'll never forget the day another friend invited her to ride with him on a poker run. His wife turned out to be a cold, conniving bitch, having multiple affairs before he found out. I'm getting the advice of a really good writer, he's helping me with a couple of things already and I don't want to overload him.I've got a great woman, a good daughter, an excellent job, and a large group of really nice friends. It destroyed him, and she called him the biggest pussy she'd ever meet. When the next story comes out, I'll thank him publicly for his suggestions and editing.

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