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Then when I ask to see video surveillance they said they do not have any.When I asked the management team to try to retrieve my wallet which had 0 cash along with all my credit cards and identification they said they don’t have the right to ask their employees if they took it.Our waitress was excellent, the atmosphere was great. Now my husband says we can never go back to any Chillies again. they gave me a empty box ,swear to god ..5hen while my husband is carrying our daughter out so she don’t fall again he almost falls catches himself on the wall and cash register , I am just in I have never ever had such a bad dinner experience like this in my life the manager or server did not seem as concerned or apologetic as they should have been all the other guest were more than they were that s sad I live chili’s in Pittsburg great food ,but never ever again will we go back to uniontown chili’s ,it was unacceptable ,very !Reply I was dinning at the Chilis Bar and Grill in Philadelphia Pa on Oregan Avenue in South Philadelphia my son and I sat down at pm at I got up and told the hostess who apologized but didn’t attempt to get the manager or rectify the situation I really can’t believe it and I dine with you guys at least 4-5 times a month with my kids and wife I really have mixed feelings on returning again to spend my hard earned dollar. On Wednesday night on Sept the 20th my parents treated my wife and I for dinner.He left and returned shortly saying he told his manager and she was comping our meal. Thank you and them for assisting us during this time.Reply I was eating at the Notomas, Sacramento location on Truxel Rd.If this corporation had any sense, they’d be in there drug testing this sick dude and making sure his a** in out on the streets where he can’t hurt anyone.

Our server was rude and very loud, wish I could remember his name. He was rude to all his tables and we could hear him telling other servers about his tables, spouting racist comments and cursing about them because they weren’t “white”. Not only that but I’m pretty sure I could smell alcohol coming off his breath which might have been the reason he was so loud and annoying. That server should be fired for drinking on the job, cursing and spouting racist slurs at other patrons. Reply My husband and I ate at the 2709 Broadway, Pearland, Texas location last night. My husband ordered fajitas and I ordered margarita chicken. Reply The manager at the Sandy UT restaurant has made comments that are completely unacceptable and disgusting and have been audible to customers sitting near the kitchen doors.

Reply I would have given 5 stars but I had one issue. My husband and I went there for our anniversary dinner.

I don’t eat very much and Chillies is one of the places I never go wrong. Our waitress was more than apologetic and it was not her fault.

Collins from visiting my brother in a nursing home in Denver, We just finished placing our order when we were notified that he had passed.

Our server, Garrett, saw we were upset so I explained what had happened. I wanted you to know what a great staff you have at your restaurant, #318, as we were able to notify my brother’s family and get our emotions under control before having to drive home.

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