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Episode 1 is okay though I got irritated with Kim Seul-gi's character Episode 2 I cannot proceed anymore,,, it's such a typical "ghost" sort of drama ..common for my taste ....stopped at episode 2 I got bored i started this drama after becoming a fan of jo jung suk from watching jealousy incarnate. The development of Bongsunx Sunwoo relationship is atrocious to say the least. i hope u keep on making such beautiful series like this.. congratulation for winning award on TVN10 Awards Oppa!!!! Every episodes just made me more interested and hooked to what's going to happen next.i was reluctant to start oh my ghost because of the big age difference of the 2 leads. Sunwoo's interest in her is not because of her but rather because of Soon-ae but then suddenly he believes he loves Bongsun. Alas a promising comedy starts out entertaining but spirals in a disaster by the end. i really love how you played your character, maybe in real life you're just like Na Bong Sun..i really salute the cast. very nice story and their excellent positive ending. at first, i dont want to watch it because i think its boring. i looked stupid lmao i always did what he say, so that he told me "its okay if you're fat, dont do diet" so i did what he says and now im really fvckng fat. okay then bye if it is wasn't for park bo-young's charm ..i wud never comment here.well, all i wanted to say is that i am now an avid fan of this korean actress.. i never thought that park bo-young is a 90's baby like me.and to tvn network good job.. that's for sure.the cast , role well acted and played.. i really like na bong-sun acting when she's possessed .. I even had to stay late at night to watch each episode every now and then.Possession stories in Kdramas generally has a huge flaw of not developing the character who is being possessed well (Bong Sun in this case), and also the huge flaw of developing a romantic relationship between the spirit (Soon-ae) and a person (Sunwoo) who is bound to end up with the character who is being possessed (Bong Sun), so in the end, the relationship between the two characters who are alive (Bong Sun x Sunwoo) end up being highly underdeveloped (or have a rushed development). But I agree with the other commentators here, the show is quite funny. Very Good Job for all the staff most specially for the writers of this epic drama!! i wonder what happens to an evil spirit once the body it possessed dies? ) These are my dreams - but either way this drama is awesome! The only moments he had with the real Na bong so were only 2 times and guess who set up the momentum-the ghost The ghost helped his character grow from the rude chef with a one sided love to a warm, forgiving chef willing to let go of the past and move on to something new. she could be the new kong hyo jin, from ep1-14 n 2 more to come am happy.thank u the team of oh my me am ok with the outcome because in my head, mind and heart i have always love bo young n jung seok couple it doen't matter who is possessing who as long as bong sun and chef end up couple of the yr ooh how do i move on once this series end? gosh this drama really; i cant stop thinking about it. their chemistry is overflowing...i cant believe it will come to an end, :( I hope they will be nominated on the awards day as best couple. That i anticipate every episode and I can't wait for next week for the next episode. I love this drama soo muuucchhh...bong sun, I love park bo young also in "hot young bloods " I have watch it 3 times, maybe next I'll watch it again hahaha.. yeah i hope bong sun really ends up with the chef as well.Really, there's nothing NOTHING in this drama that I didn't like. SERIOUSLY, I loved this Kdrama, im honestly tell you, bong sun and chef kang sun woo built nice chemistry, i adore how kang sun woo act to bong sun, haha so sweet! I loved the characters and the originality of the story. After of drama My Girlfriend is Fox of Lee Seung Gi and Shi Min Ah this will be the bestest ever! This drama made me feel all the emotions that we all have. Writer Yang Hee-Seung should win an award for the screenplay and the director, Yoo Je-Won also. and will we see sung jae ssi's spirit roaming around the earth next? In summary i would say in ep 14 it is more like he started a new with a woman he barely noticed and lets face it knew at all before and after she was possessed. I think should be better they make it up to 20 episode. OMG best series eveeeeeeeeer from the leads to the supporting cast.diirector and writter thank u n i love bo young and chef will do another 20 or 30 episodes romcom or romance drama again soon. How come chef can be so sure that he loves the real BS just with visiting her grandma and remembered his little moments with the real BS. How come Chef can be so sure that he loves the real Bong Soon just with visiting her grandmother and remember his time with the real Bong Soon... You should create another momentssss (a lot of moments) with the real Bong Soon to make it happen. Kudos to t VN and to the writers, they're making really nice and good feel drama nowadays :) hope to see more dramas like this! this is the most prefered ending ever according to me...........first soon ae made a deal to have bong sun body xo as to end her grudge and find peace being with chef wasnt part of the deal that was the prize bong su was supposed to take from the soon ae started loving chef near the end epi 9 and mostly 10for me real bong sun can have the chef........ in the beginning scenes, when the chef commented on bong sun's blog, he said he felt they really connect emotionally.Because I think Boyoung and Jungsuk look so good together. Park Boyoung herself is so adorably cute and pretty. Love the way all the mystery is explained clearly one by one. i don't know about other kdrama because i'm new to this but just I just want to share my opinion. I like this a lot, it is not very original in my opinion. This is what I feared from the beginning and my fear came true. I really liked this drama just before the chef said he love Bongsun before she was possessed.I can't handle it in everytime Na Bong acts cute to Kang Chef. I fell so hard when Na Bong said "Angg~" in Episode 8 during their MT. I just hope there's OMG Season 2 because I want to see Kang Chef and Na Bong get married and have cute babies. At least, tv N should make a spin-off or one special episode to show the viewers about Officer Choi and Eunhee's news, about the progress of Edward Seo who works in Sun restaurant (Seo Ingguk is the best cameo ever), and about Na Bong and Kang Chef; they do 'it' properly in the end..I just wanna say, OMG is very recommended drama. The ghosts or evil spirits appearance didn't even bother me at all. the story line and plot are really great, UNDERSTANDABLE (which is likely, every type of person can surely understand this story and not leave out any hole in the story plot ) and the actor really play the main role to this drama success, especially park bo young. episode 1 is kinda boring buttt they killed it in episode 2 up to the endd!!!! It was the stories of family and friendship that pulled me in, rather than the love line. Everything is like the usual kdrama, but this one is kinda able to grab the cute factors and not cheesy. I mean the writer did not leave enough evidence for us to believe that Chef love Na Bong long way before (beside her blogs).she can play two role and her acting is just superb and not AWKWARD, like some other drama which the actor plays two role. ❤️ We have an exam when i first watch this, i couldnt stop watching, i end up watching nstead of reviewing for my exam, fortunately i still passed. just hang in there guyssss this story is the one of the best!! To be honest, I was a little bored at the beginning... Everything is very well until the last episodes, i think the writer(s) took an arrow on the knee and turned the drama into a cheap thriller wanna be which plot is so lame and so many foolish scenes are happening. OMG this is one of my favourite dramas and I just finished watching in 2 days so addictive!!! the cast , plot , scripts , ost and everyhthing is perfect ! all the cast did a very good job in potraying their role . So I guess the real story was about the ghost actually. A ghost-like living girl possessed by a cheerful ghost and I'm not quite satisfied with the ending.this drama is definitely one of the favourite all time drama. I hope there will be anoter drama for CJS AND PBY finished it in 2 days for i couldnt stop watching it..of the best...great drama...great acting...superb chemistry...saranghae chef i love your being innocent-virgin effect in a relationship lol..job for all the cast... I love the actress Park Bo Young and I came here after watching Running Man where she was a guest. But what happened to officer choi is not clear yet. Then is choi had amnesia because he had come back to the real choi or because his head hit the ground? But why is it really a must for every leads in a drama to be separated and reunited at the last episode?! Can anyone tell me what are the songs played other than the OSTs? kwak si yang is bae YUHTHA well, i think he's more into the timid one tho. But I like how Park Boyoung could deliver both character so well.

I even laughed so much in everytime Seobinggo's scenes appeared. They all brought so much fun and required condiments for this drama. LJH made me genuinely scared, such a great performance with so little. So funny and such a riot and yet the last episode she was so touching in her farewell scenes. Everything is perfect not just a love story but it also includes horror, suspense, crime, comedy! She doesn't need aegyo to be cute because everything about her is cute! Park Bo Young totally nailed it in potraying two opposite personality. Park Boyoung is really good in portraying two character i love Kim Seul Gi character as Shin Soon Ae .is so bright and happy ..she wasn't a ghost ..i really like her to be paired with chef .chef character it would have been better if he was not so cool type all the time ...

She has no boundaries and the drama completely ignores the consent, opinions or feelings of the character Bong Sun. I just want to say that I was prepared to dislike this. Good work has been done here really, since new stuffs were being portrayed in here, apart from just everyday love stories, the existence of ghosts in our lives and how they affect our daily life is what made this drama the best. I'm not a story=writer so I can't judge everything easily. Talking about Soon Ae made Chef Kang fallen in love with Na Bong Sun is true but the other fact is Park Bo Young did a great job with her acting skill.

If it weren't for that, the drama would have been enjoyable. I initially thought the plot was strange but I decided to give this a try out of boredom. Anyone looking for Kdrama to watch soon, I suggest this one!!! It was a bit upsetting at times when I realised it was the ghost's doings through Bong's body but later on as the story progressed and ended I was glad how the writers finished it! And if you guys see the last episode eps the "UNREVEALED KISS" I can't say no with this couple.

PBY is perfect for this role, i wanna see her in many different roles but a role like in the drama or werewolf boy is just too perfect for her.. which i found really ridiculous, the chef like the change of character of na bong, not the real na bong. I really liked this drama ....frm INDIA ....a very very big fan of korean dramas.....i thought only myself and my friends know about korean dramas..........i was talking with my cousine who in other state.....i told her that korean dramas are really nice once when you become free have a look ......told me i have started seeing korean dramas since 3 years.... The first drama that makes me anticipated the every episodes.. The cast are incredible, Park Bo Young really suit Na Bong Sun's personality, so did Cho Jung Seok for Kang Sun Woo's character. so many dramas im following have ended and another very good one is ending. ps: also Soo Ae has a flashback where she is under water, that makes me think this scene is a flashback from her death. But Na Bong Sun and Kang Sun Woo has a great chemistry here. u know what Soon Ae herself is not attractive as Bong Son so there's no way Chef and Soon Ae will look good together on cam. She was not even careful while using Bong Sun body. Bong Sun and Chef has a strong chemistry on cam, and Bong Sun did a good job being Soon Ae while Soon Ae herself is more scandalous and i dont find her cute being herself who talks a lot.

every and each of memorable moment are with shin soon ae, and suddenly you just can accept that na bong the fact after hearing the grandmother story.. the writer just wanted park bo young end up with jo jung suk.. OMG.....i was really shocked....INDIA craze of korean dramas is increasing day by day.....after completion of my schooling .....i wll definately come to seoul......fighting!!!!! Good job for the cast and the staff :) they really wrap up this drama with a brilliant moral message, it is to love & appreciate all the things around us like we'll die tomorrow. hope the new tv N drama will be as good, if not better. he was so so soooooo adorable in king of high school. Director please give us a good, sweet and satisfying ending! In ep 14 their is a part the chef says he fell in love with a ghost and then says he was in a love triangle with a ghost. The story really had a great shift, after it has been cleared that Chef really likes Bong Sun (even before... Think of it if the ghost is that better for you guys, everytime she possessed Bong Sun and having a good time with Chef, whenever she left Bong Sun body she never talks, i mean she did not even update Bong Sun what did she and Chef do and what did she told Chef now when Bong Sun return to herself she look dumb and stupid to Chef and the rest of not knowing what actually did happened. Chef almost dislike Bong Sun since Soon Ae seducing her to the extent that is no longer appreciated by Chef. She is supposed to make Chef fall inlove with Bong Sun in a way that when she left Chef will like Bong Sun herself not the ghost way. I have been watching this movie and it is quite good. However, there is a question I would like to ask, why the Hangul dialect used in this movie seems different compared to most other Korean dramas? x D chef's gonna end up with bong sun for sure, because soon ae=dead, bong sun=alive...

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Chi j seok and Park bo sun was a great team together I loved the chemistry they had on screen and off. I'd love to see them do another drama romance together. that's not Soon Ae anymore, and the confident of Na Bong Sun just boosting like haaaaa I think I had too big expectations.

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