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With this in mind, one cannot understate the importance of the Golden age of Islam. Europe was “dark” because the Huns, Vikings, Mongols, and MUSLIMS were all slicing it up, not to mention the plagues which killed up to 1/2 the populations. Attributing progress to a religion is absurd first of all. Islam conquered 1/3 of the lands that were majority Christian in a generation.

We don’t say Buddhist Golden Age, or Christian Golden Age, but we’re okay when it comes to Islam? The Muslim rulers or Caliphs of the realms were minorities when it came to religion, this directly lead to their tolerance, as they didn’t want to offend their subjects whom the majority were NOT Muslim.

so by the time the Islamic Enlightenment happens what many westerners think of as their ancestors are dealing with that environment. They weren’t unenlightened, they just weren’t in the same space and weren’t dealing with the ancient cities and cultures of the Middle East, they were building new cultures.

// // Then, later the age is dark in terms of science, technology, and writers.

For now we have to use the historical terms so people know what we are talking about. Very true, the secret sauce of enlightenment is the liberal principles that come with it.

As for the Christian Enlightenment (which is better referred to as the European Enlightenment), we call it the Renaissance, Scientific Revolution, and Age of Reason or the Liberal Enlightenment (many were deists, but it is a time when the predominately christian became enlightened)…. // means co-existing with people who have different views.

Today many people around the world are Muslim and with modern international politics I think its important for us all to remember Enlightenment is not bound by race or religion, and is rather in the history of many if not all people.Lastly, we’ll also address historical bias for or against the age, from the praises of Voltaire to the skepticism of some modern thinkers, so we can put some of the myths about the Golden Age of Islam to rest.See the videos and links for more information on each subject.FACT: The terms algebra and algorithm are Arabic words.They both come from Latin forms of al-Khwarizmi’s name, as he was the one who brought the Indian numeral system to the middle-east (long before Fibonacci brought it to the west).

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