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Ben conducts his own investigations, leading to false accusations against Scott and other neighbors. After sleeping with Jess once more, Ben discovers she is bipolar; convinced she is the killer and wrongly assuming she has now kidnapped Abby, she counters that with a false accusation of rape.He is manipulated by a reporter, Arthur, who is looking to take down Cornell, and kidnapped by a neighbor, Kevin, a former CIA operative, who attempts to extract a confession through torture. Independently of each other, Cornell and Ben discover the awful truth that Tom was killed by Abby.When high school senior Maddy Beauregard falls in love with a college frat guy, Maddy's over-protective mom strongly disapproves.

When a wealthy lawyer (Colm Feore) is found dead, foul play is suspected and suspicion falls on his young wife.

The series was renewed for a second season on May 7, 2015, Ben Crawford is a self-employed contractor, married to Christy with whom he has two daughters, Natalie, 16, and Abby, 12.

His best friend, Dave, lives in their summer house.

After one terrifying evening, Erin realizes that this cannot go on and she must protect to her children, so she takes Amy and Charlie and goes on the run to seek shelter with her best friend in California.

Darren refuses lose his "perfect family" and when he finds out they're gone, he uses his connections as DA to put out an "amber alert" for Charlie and convinces the press and the police that Erin is mentally unstable.

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