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I was surprised then, when school let out for summer vacation that a pair of short pants appeared on the bed one morning. I felt a little embarrassed the first time I went out in public wearing them with my legs showing. By now my bedtime stories had become excerpts from books similar to the first one. A few weeks later another subtle change took place. After I was bathed and powdered, that was a standard routine, my underwear changed. On the bed was a pink item similar to one I had seen dad wearing.

I knew in a few more days I would shed mom’s corset, my back was feeling much better. As I mentioned earlier mom had been gradually tightening the corset.

After drying me she, for the first time dusted me with a pleasant, flowery scented powder, casually commenting that dad always used it and I was growing up. In 1910 all boys my age wore corduroy knee pants called knickers. I always had worn the former all year round since mom thought it saved a lot of scraped knees. I never connected the sudden appearance of the bath powder and the short pants in my wardrobe to the stories. One day as I dressed for church I noticed my ankle socks were different. They looked a bit sissified but weren’t too noticeable so I put it out of my mind, one more notch in my undoing.

In those days it wasn’t uncommon for a mother to bathe a ten year old son. I commented that they looked girlish but mom told me that they were just dressy.

They hugged my legs and, as mom said, they pulled as I walked and gave me a pleasant feeling.

A few days later I had become fully adjusted to my strange undergarments and felt lost when they were removed for my bath.

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As time went on I failed to notice that the ‘shorts’ were becoming snugger. Dad checked me out and except for a bit of pain I seemed all right.

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