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Vote Builder has become the central nervous system of every Democratic campaign, housing years of information on just about every contact the party has ever made with every voter.

Developed through a partnership between the DNC and a company called NGP VAN, the tool gives campaigns the inside track on potential donors, volunteers, or voters out of a pool of thousands or, in the case of a presidential election, millions of people.

To those of us who attended state schools outside of the UK and spent our academic lives in our own choice of clothes, the idea of having to wear the same thing every day seems to be a logistical nightmare and unnecessarily draconian.

But so long as we are telling children what they should and should not wear, we must be thoughtful about the message these rules are sending.

If we want to raise a future generation that embraces gender fluidity and non-conformity, and is tolerant of individual expression, we must educate them in an environment that reflects these values.

Removing everyone’s choice to wear skirts on the basis that girls doing so is sexually provocative and boys doing so is absurd does just the opposite.

Boys’ uniforms look like something an adult would wear to an office, complete with mini-ties and embossed blazers, while the girls’ option is often impractical and uncomfortable.

This reinforces the idea that traditional masculinity is a crucial part of boys’ identities, and any diversion from it is abnormal and wrong The news that a school in East Sussex has ordered all Year 7 students to wear trousers has been met with much fanfare, the majority of which is eye-rollingly stereotypical and completely misses the point: “Does this stifle young girls’ personal expression?He had no idea, in fact, whether they’d ever cast a vote in their entire lives.That information and more—down to who put up lawn signs for which candidate in the primary—lives in Vote Builder, a database managed by the Democratic National Committee.But thanks to an intricate system of state-by-state rules governing who gets access to that data—a system critics say is tailor-made to protect incumbents—some Democratic primary challengers, like Clark, are being denied access to this critical pool of information by their own party.The rules and bylaws dictating access are hardly new, and several state Democratic parties allow full access to Vote Builder for all candidates.

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”Clark is running as a so-called Justice Democrat, a group that spun out of Bernie Sanders' 2016 campaign, and is challenging incumbents across the country with a progressive platform that mirrors Sanders' own.

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