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For something stronger, Gordon’s gin, Laphroaig whisky and Bacardi are just a few of the drinks with the Royal seal of approval. Two years ago, the Royal Warrants were dropped from the packaging of After Eights and Jacob’s Cream Crackers.

Nestlé, which owns the After Eight brand, said the decision arose from a desire to standardise its packaging around the world.

The 82-year-old stayed on the firm's board and continued to fit the Queen's bras at Buckingham Palace even when Belgian company Van de Velde bought her majority stake in 2011.

Her professional relationship with Queen Elizabeth II came to an end shortly after her book - title Storm in a D-Cup - was published in March 2016, according to the Daily Express.

The upmarket underwear company that supplied lingerie to the Queen has had its warrant scrapped after a tell-all book gave details of royal fittings.

By reputation, I’m the UK’s leading boobologist, you see.

There are about 850 Royal Warrant holders today, by appointment to the Queen, the Prince of Wales or the Duke of Edinburgh.

This elite band, who must have supplied one of the three most senior royals for at least five years to be granted a warrant, comprises craftsmen and family businesses but also multinational companies and a supermarket chain – Her Majesty shops at Waitrose, as well as department stores (John Lewis, Selfridges and House of Fraser) and, famously, the upmarket Piccadilly grocers, Fortnum & Mason.

Mrs Kenton bought Rigby & Peller with her husband in 1982, paying £20,000, but sold her stake for £8million 29 years later.

It was revealed on Tuesday her company lost the royal warrant that it had held since 1960 because she wrote about fitting the Queen, detailing she was half-dressed at the time and that the fitting was carried out in front of her corgis.

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