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At the time there were no highways (interstate or otherwise) and most roads were primitive dirt thoroughfares – seasonally muddy or dusty.

Besides preaching and administering sacraments, the chapel cars were also able to haul large quantities of Catholic literature which was handed out along the line Examples of the car’s receptivity abound: As the car rolled along throughout the nation it was also able to help drown out anti-Catholic rumors about the Church.

chapel railroad car traversed North America bringing the Sacraments to folks in areas of the country where there were no Catholic Churches.

It was also responsible for more than few conversions during its 17 years of rollin’ along.

Anthony” Reaches City.” On its first trip to Kansas, ,100 was subscribed by chapel goers to build a church in Castleton.

Quire often, overflowing crowds turned out to see the car.

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