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"We're curating a community of people who want more than mindless games," the app says in a press release.

"They've shared six photos or videos and answered three personality-revealing questions.

The only difficulty is that you have to locate the transmitter suitably close," says Sundeep Rangan, an associate professor of electrical engineering at New York University who specializes in wireless communications.

As part of the NYU Wireless project, a team of academics made a number of extensive measurements in a dense urban environment trying to emulate transmission for cellular type applications with millimeter waves, similar to those proposed by Starry.

Whether or not Starry pans out, we may all be seeing a lot more of this technology in the near future.

"There is a lot of work right now in the commercial space developing 5G cellphones," said Prof.

"But they're very focused on the time you spend the app and on amazing dates that lead to lasting relationships."Hinge really sets itself apart in celebrating these enduring attachments as opposed to the quasi-successful hook-ups associated with its pervier peers.We have proved it at UCSD and established 1-2 Gbps over 200 meters with Keysight," said Gabriel Rebeiz, a professor of electrical and computer engineering at UC San Diego who is attempting to commercialize his research into millimeter waves through a company called Keysight. If they have said 300-500 meters, it would be much more realistic under all weather and humidity conditions." Millimeter waves can be scattered by things like fog, rain, and snow, harming their performance as a means for reliably transmitting data.The greater the distance the waves have to travel, the bigger the impact of these environmental factors."There has been a lot of development recently in the millimeter wave space.At a high level, getting gigabit per second throughput is certainly possible.

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