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Whether it’s entrepreneurial advice, video game breakdowns, or candid looks at celebrities, if you know what you want, there’s likely a show that offers exactly that.

Finding them, though, can be a trial-by-fire enterprise that requires serious listening hours.

—brilliant, nerdy, and cool—takes the unable-to-wrap-your-mind-around-it internet and crams it into one cozy podcast episode.

Reminiscent of the in-depth investigative journalism usually reserved for print, isn’t just blood and guts.

Fun production cues (a rotary phone noise signifies a phone call, a typewriter sound indicates an old news clipping) assuage the difficulty of hearing graphic details, as does the excitement of key principals willing to participate (such as police officials and the badass female reporter who covered the crimes in the first place).

Although he is more widely known for his children's stories, Roald Dahl began his writing career as a prolific writer of short stories for adults - some of which were later televised in the 1960s American CBS series Despite being published in 1989, the stories in this collection all date from the late 1940s.

Based in and around the Buckinghamshire countryside Roald Dahl lived in for much of his adult life, these stories also show an early prototype for the genius pheasant-catching methods explored in Fancy reading them all?

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Crime shows don’t have to glorify bad guys in order to satisfy listeners’ desire to examine the underbelly of society.

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